Friday, April 15, 2011

SGFM Recipe Contest

Slanker’s is launching a recipe contest.  There will be prizes!
Grand Prize = $200 Gift Certificate
Second Place = $100 Gift Certificate
Third Place = $50 Gift Certificate
     Recipes must be original, not copied from copyrighted sources.  They can cover a broad selection of dishes including all the grass-fed meats, wild seafood, plus appropriate vegetables and fruits.  We are even interested in submissions that use ingredients such as canned spinach and canned high fat tuna!  So let your imaginations run wild.
     Submissions can be made on the Slanker Blog right here under the announcement of the contest, or submitted confidentially by email to, or by snail mail to 3255 CR 45400, Powderly, TX 75473.  Prizes for the contest will be awarded a few weeks after the June 30, 2011 cutoff date.  We want to have time to properly evaluate last minute submissions.  Of course we will continue to take submissions after that date, but the cutoff for the prizes is June 30, 2011.
     All recipe submissions will become the property of Slanker’s Grass-Fed Meats.  If we get a good number of recipes hopefully we can put them in book form.  If we do that, all submissions used in the book will be worth a $25 Gift Certificate plus a copy of the book.
     The overriding criteria is nutrition followed by dining pleasure.  In other words, recipes that do not strictly adhere to the principles of The Real Diet of Man will be rejected immediately.  That means recipes utilizing walnuts, whole grains, honey, olive oil, and such are taboo.  (Yes, walnuts offset by flax seed can equalize the EFAs, but the EFA load is huge, way more than we need in our diet.)  We are also very interested in dishes that replicate traditional American foods.  In fact they create the most excitement, but ingredients have to be from the Caveman’s “cupboard” so to speak.
     Our nutritional aim is to maintain an appropriate balance in Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids with a low glycemic load.  Make sure you watch your Glycemic Load and Glycemic Index numbers.
As a rough guide you can use my Food Analysis:  GI, GL, Fat Ratio, and Inflammation for ideas and evaluations.  But do not hesitate to expand beyond these food items.  Just make sure you check out your ingredients.  A good link for that is Nutrition Data.